Vins Aviñó Cellar Vilanova i la Geltrú Barcelona

While it is difficult to convey in these few lines, last tasting experience, we will make effort. On this occasion, we invited the winemaker Oriol Guevara combined exposure technically accurate with words understandable to everyone. On this occasion, we did a vertical tasting (ie, different vintages) of its Xarelo St. Joannes.

He stressed the influence of terroir much about wine; in this case in the area northeast of Alt Penedès. Also the work of small producers and their effort to "drive" the vine, so that provides the essence of terroir. However, there are vintages that can not achieve the desired quality, as was the case in 2011. In this case it was decided not to bottling. It is also remarkable predilection St. Joannes winery to bring out the structure after the initial aromas, just like Alsatian wines that develop more complexity with time.

Let then the description of each of the four seasons tastades. Were the 2009, 2010, 2012 and 2013. The 2011, as we said, was discarded.

  • 2009: This wine is very marked color, although this may be a feature applicable to most xarel·los. There is some rust, hints of honey and slight minerality. It has a soft start, slow opening and pleasant with a good balance of volume and acidity.
  • 2010: a vintage was warmer compared to 2009. It also has a color marking. Need a little more time to open in both nose and mouth. We noticed little nose honey and toasted. Rounder and with more acidity and less degree.
  • 2012: This was a very good year for aromatic wines, but also for wines for aging. A remarkable gradation of colors. Hints of anise or fennel. In the mouth, we detected mild citrus such as grapefruit. A wine that will evolve well in line with 2010
  • 2013: It is still in the transition to the aromas surface of the structure. However, you will begin to notice the toast.

While it is a very synthetic description, it means that participants enjoyed the exhibition, which was a trip back and forth in different vintages. Most coincided in 2010 as the best of tasting it.

Then we proposed a game. Consisted of five wines tasted blind. Five different grape varieties, five concepts of wine, which was favored tastades blind breakage cliché that whites have to be young. Furthermore neither one of them we had tasted decanted and without favor.

As mentioned initially difficult to convey in writing of that taste sensations. But in any case, we encourage you to participate in these live them accordingly.